March 23, 2014

The Best Time To Bring Your Child In For An Orthodontic Consultation

The Best Time To Bring Your Child In For An Orthodontic Consultation

What Age Should Children See An Orthodontist


Early Treatment

When is the best time to begin orthodontic care?

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends parents take their child in for an initial orthodontic evaluation at no later than age 7. At this early age, orthodontic treatment may not be necessary, but vigilant examination can anticipate the most advantageous time to begin treatment.

Why is age 7 considered the optimal time for screening?
By the age of 7, the first adult molars erupt, establishing the back bite. During this time, Dr. Mark Sayed can evaluate front-to-back and side-to-side tooth relationships. For example, the presence of erupting incisors can indicate possible overbite, open bite, crowding or gummy smiles. More importantly, Dr. Sayed can check for narrow palates and high palatel vaults. Early screening increases the chances for not only an incredible smile, but a healthier active adult.

What are the benefits of early orthodontic evaluation?
Early evaluation provides both timely detection of problems and greater opportunity for more effective treatment. Prudent intervention guides growth and development, preventing serious problems later. When orthodontic intervention is not necessary, Dr. Sayed can carefully monitor growth and development and begin treatment when it is ideal.

Early treatment can:

Create room for crowded teeth.

  • Create facial symmetry by influencing jaw growth.
  • Reduce the risk of trauma to protruding front teeth.
  • Preserve space for unerrupted teeth.
  • Reduce the need for tooth removal.
  • Reduce treatment time with braces.

Early intervention allows your Orthodontist  to guide growth and development, preventing serious problems like extractions and jaw surgery in the future.

Disadvantages associated with Narrow Palates & High Palatal Vault:

  • Sleep disorders
  • Mouth Breathing
  • Snoring
  • Tiredness
  • Irritability
  • Behavioral Problems
  • Poor Concentration
  • Easily Winded after activity

For more information regarding disadvantages of a narrow palate please click here.

What Is Early Treatment?

Children sometimes exhibit early signs of jaw problems as they grow and develop. An upper and lower jaw that is growing too much or not enough or is too wide or too narrow can be recognized at an early age. If children over age 6 have these jaw discrepancies, they are candidates for the first phase orthodontic treatment.

Since children are growing rapidly, they can benefit enormously from the first phase of orthodontic treatment because specific appliances can be prescribed that direct the growth of their upper and lower jaws toward an ideal relationship.

Thus, a good foundation can be established providing adequate room for eruption of all permanent teeth.

Resting/Observation period

After Phase I is completed, all appliances are removed and the eruption of your child’s permanent teeth will be monitored at office visits about every four to six months. Retainers may or may not be recommended during this observation period.

It is important to understand that at the end of the first phase of treatment, the teeth are not in their final position. This will be accomplished in the corrective, second phase of treatment.

Each tooth has an exact location in the mouth where it is in harmony with the lips, cheeks, jaw joints and other teeth. When this equilibrium is established, the teeth will function together properly. Here, they will remain healthy and look the most attractive. This is the goal of the second phase of treatment.

The second phase of treatment is initiated when most of the permanent teeth have erupted and usually requires braces on all teeth for approximately 18 months. In many cases, this is significantly less time than phase one treatment would have taken.


Invisible Braces For Teenagers

Invisalign Teen

Is Invisalign Teen right for your teenager? 

Most teenagers would not consider getting metal braces on the top of their list of favorite things to do.  For many teens the thought of metal braces is terrifying! 

Great News!  There is an alternative solution to traditional metal braces with Invisalign Teen®. 

Invisalign teen allows teenagers to get straight teeth virtually without anyone noticing. Teens can straighten their teeth without having to deal with metal wires and brackets.

What does that mean to your teen? They can still do all the things that make being a teenager fun; music, theater, sports, student government and of course socializing.

They can eat what they want because the aligners are removable.   Also, another wonderful benefit is it is easier to brush and floss.

Invisalign Teen aligners are made of a smooth, clear plastic that is virtually invisible!

Most of your teen’s friends probably won’t even know they are wearing them. In fact, they’re so comfortable, they may not even notice they are wearing them themselves.

Whether your teen is taking pictures or just hanging out with friends, they will enjoy a better smile every day.

For more information to see if Invisalign teen is right for your teenager, contact Mark Sayed Orthodontics in San Juan Capistrano for a complimentary consultation.  949-493-3993.

Mention this post and receive $500 towards Invisalign teen.  If your teen starts treatment, we will include removable retainers (a $600.00 value).




Invisalign Teen Special

Invisalign for Teenagers

Invisalign for Teens the alternative to metal braces

Mark Sayed Orthodontics Five Star Yelp Rating

mark sayed yelp rating

Mark Sayed Orthodontics Five Star Yelp Rating

Naomi of San Clemente

  My family has been going to Dr. Sayed for orthdontics for 10 years. Since each of my three kids turned 7yrs. old.

My oldest is now 17 and her teeth are beautiful.

My son who is 13 is finishing with braces and my little one who is almost 7 has an expander to prepare her mouth for braces when she is ready.
Prior to choosing an orthodontist, I scheduled visits with three that were highly regarded. It’s a big investment so i carefully chose the orthodontist that I found the most knowledgeable, that continued his research and education, and that was priced fairly and honestly.
I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Sayed and his staff.

Dr. Jeffrey Jacobson

Great Orthodontist!

I am a general dentist and not only do I refer my patients to Dr. Sayed, my family and friends go there too.

He and his staff are well trained, professional, and all ’round nice people. Upon your arrival to the office your greeted like long time friends. Shawn, the office manager who’s been there for years, has a professional, polite and friendly disposition.

The back office staff is caring and deliver orthodontic treatment with a gentle touch.

Dr. Sayed is not happy unless his patients are happy. Everything is explained prior to treatment and all questions are answered. The office decor is chic, modern and clean. To go to any other orthodontist would be accepting second best.

Jeffrey M. Jacobson DMD

One-Third of American Adults Unhappy with Their Smile

More than one-third of American adults are unhappy with their smile, according to a new study commissioned by the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) and conducted by Wakefield Research.

Of Americans who are unhappy with the appearance of their teeth, 36% believe they would have a better social life if they had better teeth. This may be especially true among young adults, as 48% of Americans ages 18 to 24 have untagged a picture of themselves on Facebook because they didn’t like their smile.

The study found that bad teeth also represented the biggest dating turn-off among men and women. According to the study, 77% of women think crooked teeth are worse than a receding hairline in a potential love interest. Moreover, 22% of Americans who are unhappy with their smile think that better teeth would lead to a better love live.

On a professional level, 78% of Americans perceive adults with crooked teeth to be unsuccessful. And 14% of those unhappy with their teeth felt that they might be missing out on a better job.

“Professional orthodontic treatments have come a long way in recent years, with innovative options such as clear aligner trays, lingual braces, and ceramic braces,” said John F. Buzzatto, DMD, MDS, president of the AAO. “Healthy teeth can be moved at any age and it’s encouraging that two-thirds of Americans think they are never too old for treatment.”

Mark Sayed, DMD, in San Juan Capistrano CA, agrees that is never too late to improve a person’s smile and bite. “We offer several non-traditional metal braces options, including clear brackets & invisalign.” Dr. Sayed has many adult patients in orthodontic treatment ranging from 20 to 73 years old.

The survey queried 1,000 nationally representative US adults, ages 18 and older between September 21 and September 25, 2012, with a margin of error of +/- 3.1 percentage points.

Advances In Orthodontic Treatment Result In Less Time In Braces

Advances in Orthodontic treatment has shortned the amount of time it takes to correct crowding and crossbites.

Non-surgical case

Before Images

After Images

Total Treatment time 15 months

Overbite & Gaps


 Before of patient with large gaps in between the upper teeth

Gaps in upper teeth closed & bite corrected


Dr. Robert Kluss says:

I have known Dr. Mark Sayed for almost 18 years. We had both just purchased new practices in San Juan Capistrano about the same time and developed a strong professional relationship by building each other’s practices from mutual referrals.

I consider him an exceptional Orthodontist and a great ·friend. During this time I have referred almost all my patients that required orthodontics to his practice. I believe that Dr. Sayed is the best skilled Orthodontist in the area and in fact, I had him treat my own daughter. The results were extraordinary and she constantly gets complimented on her smile.

Dr. Sayed is also known for treating cases nonsurgically even when the patients were told by other specialists that there was no other way. I can attest to this statement since he accomplished this on several of my own patients.

I can’t tell you how happy my patients were to not have to go through surgery and still have a spectacular result. The results speak for themselves since many of my patients refer their own friends and family directly to Dr. Sayed during and after their own treatment is completed.

I would highly recommend Dr. Mark Sayed and his team for orthodontic treatment.

Best regards,

Robert L. Kluss

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